Thrifting Coups

Thrifting Tip: Look for Classic Menswear-Inspired PiecesOct 12 2015

"Borrowed from the boys" is a statement that could define the majority of my wardrobe.  If Diane Keaton is okay with that, then I am okay with that.  Of course, that statement should probably be amended to say, "borrowed from the boys if the boys were oddly angular, moody little girls."  Yes, that fits my wardrobe description exactly!

Menswear and menswear-inspired pieces are excellent additions to your wardrobe, and the best way to do so is not J. Crew, but Goodwill.  Here are a few pointers for you when filling in your wardrobe with thrifted menswear-inspired pieces. 


Thrifting Tip: Look For High Quality Leather BagsOct 06 2015

Is there anything better than finding a kick-ass bag at a thrift store?  If you're me, no.  If you're other people...probably.  But nevermind that.  Some of my most timeless pieces are from thrift stores - designer and no-name alike - and they are work horses.  Not to mention people generally seem to like to compliment me on them and I get immense satisfaction out of telling them I got them at a dirty, disgusting thrift shop. (A common side effect of thrifting: looking to others for gratification).  Anyway, here are a few tips on finding your own instant classic leather bags.


Thrifting Tip: How to Buy Vintage JeansOct 04 2015

Mom jeans are in, skinny jeans are out.  And that is not a joke.  I, for one, am happy about this.  For years we have been squeezing into skinnies, and paradoxically, these part-spandex jeans actually lose their shape after so many washes. Well, no more!  Vintage, 100% cotton jeans from the 1970s-1990s keep their shape, are forgiving, and best of all - you can find them at your local thrift store for $5.