Thrifting Coups

How to Thrift Vintage DenimApr 07 2017

Of late, one of my favorite things to thrift is vintage denim, which is convenient since vintage denim is pretty much the hottest thing right now.  The problem is, it’s kind of hard to do if you don’t know what to look for.  But guess what, ladies - I’m going to tell you exactly what to do!  Your wallet and your butt will thank me.


Thrifted '70s DenimJun 06 2016

Perhaps it's a compulsion, and certainly I don't need anymore denim, but I find myself scouring the thrift store racks over and over for the perfect vintage denim.  These lightweight DIY cropped '70s flares are pretty much the holy grail of thrifted denim, perfectly high-waisted, snug in the butt, and a wide leg.  All I did was cut them off at the ankle, and let them fray, and presto!  On-trend '70s cropped and frayed flare, for the low low price of $3.


The Real Business CasualApr 01 2016

What is business casual, really?  In Silicon Valley it's literally pajamas.  In Denver, probably a vintage plaid and a Patagonia jacket.  To me, business casual is basically jeans with a blazer thrown on.  This outfit hits the sweet spot, denim on denim with a blazer and vintage pumps.  Of course, when you work from home like me, this is considered the height of formal style.  Basically the usual uniform is no pants.


Sewing Pattern Review: Endless Summer TunicMar 29 2016

I recently printed off a PDF pattern of A Verb for Keeping Warm’sEndless Summer Tunic.”  Personally, I’m torn on PDF patterns.  Yes, they’re cheaper, and you get them right away, but man!  You’re cutting and taping forever.

We’ve had glimpses of spring (even summer!) in Denver so I was looking for an easy sleeveless dress to make with my thrifted fabrics.  Enter the Endless Summer Tunic, with its swingy shape and gathered shoulder.  Perfect for over jeans, which has really become my go-to until it starts hitting the 80s and 90s here.


Pyschedelic HandmadeMar 28 2016

Bright, saturated, psychedelic. I turned this beauty of a vintage textile (canvas blend of some sort?) into a slightly A-line cropped tank.  Added some vintage Levi's, which I hemmed to cropped flare length, some preppy vintage Oxfords, and a plaid tote bag that used to be a frumpy vintage Pendleton skirt.