Thrifting Coups

Where to Thrift in the San Francisco Bay AreaDec 17 2015

Now, normally I would not be giving away my best thrifting resources - being my trade secrets and all.  I don't want to compete with you!  But in the spirit of the holidays I will let you in on some of my highest performing thrift stores in the Bay Area, specifically Silicon Valley because the rest of the Bay is just too picked over, but mostly because I don't live there anymore so I don’t care if you guys take all the good stuff.  You’re welcome!

Read on for my not-so-secret Silicon Valley gems.


The Holiday BusiesDec 17 2015

The holidays are always a busy and stressful time.  Lately I've been spending most of my time running back and forth to the post office, otherwise I am dealing with crazies at work who just - ahem! - forgot to file those contracts until 12 seconds before they needed them. Thanks a lot guys, I just love drafting contracts with VPs breathing down my neck!  

Anyway: quick outfit shot, it's all I have time for really, and basically I've just been living in this.

Hat: vintage (thrifted)
Flannel: vintage 1960s (thrifted)
Vest: vintage 1960s LL Bean (from this lovely Etsy shop)
Jeans: Comptoir des Cotonniers (thrifted)
Snow Boots: Sorel (not so much with the thrifted)


Seattle ThriftsgivingDec 01 2015

Anytime I go anywhere, I take the opportunity to thrift if I can.  This time, visiting family in Seattle for Thanksgiving, I hit a few city thrift stores as well as rural, and came away with quite the thrift haul.  Thankfully we flew Southwest, so checking a bag back to Denver full of thrifted treasures didn't cost a cent.

Where is the best thrifting in Seattle, you ask?  Read on to see our thrift finds!


Thankful for Vintage Sale!Nov 24 2015

Just FYI guys, tonight starting at midnight and through December 1, the entire shop is 15% off.  Click on over to check out all the sweet vintage pieces - lots of good gift stuff but we won't tell on you if you scoop something up for yourself!


My Denver UniformNov 23 2015

It really does help to have a "uniform" not out of laziness but because the equation works.  Think: Kate Moss, Emmanuelle Alt.  Those ladies have it down.  So in the the Denver winter, I have my own uniform (at least when I decide to go outdoors).  My equation: start with skinny jeans, add a button down (half tucked of course), add a giant scarf, top with a classic coat and finish it off with ankle boots.  You really can't go wrong.  My indoor uniform?  No one needs to see that.