Thrifting Coups

Denver Snow DayNov 18 2015

The first real snow in Denver - maybe only a few inches but magical and commute-ruining nonetheless!  Not my commute though (sadly).  Working from home means you still have to work from home, because your commute is down the hall to the dining table with your pajamas still on.  Waaaaaah, am I right?

Went outside and braved the weather, sans coffee, because it was just so beautiful out.  Plus, the dog loves to kill snow. Not eat it.  KILL IT.  Absolutely annihilate it.

Parka: Canada Goose "Shelbourne" (find it here)
Beanie: vintage (thrifted)
Jeans: Levi's 501 CT (buy them here)
Snow Boots: Sorel (similar here)

tags: outdoors