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Sewing Pattern Review: Endless Summer TunicMar 29 2016

I recently printed off a PDF pattern of A Verb for Keeping Warm’sEndless Summer Tunic.”  Personally, I’m torn on PDF patterns.  Yes, they’re cheaper, and you get them right away, but man!  You’re cutting and taping forever.

We’ve had glimpses of spring (even summer!) in Denver so I was looking for an easy sleeveless dress to make with my thrifted fabrics.  Enter the Endless Summer Tunic, with its swingy shape and gathered shoulder.  Perfect for over jeans, which has really become my go-to until it starts hitting the 80s and 90s here.

My first iteration of the Endless Summer Tunic was a bust.  It was probably the fabric I was using, a beautiful embroidered Mexican gauze.  It just bunched too much.  But then, that is why I thrift fabrics - $1.50 down the drain doesn’t really bother me much.  It’s just my pride that was wounded.  I tried again with a paper thin 1970s plaid, probably a cotton-polyester blend you would see on the perfect Western-style button down.  Super lightweight is really the way to go with the Endless Summer Tunic.

I altered the neckline slightly, taking the V-neck down about two inches.  I sort of wish I also took the hem down about two inches as well so that it was more of a dress than a tunic.  I think the Endless Summer Tunic was designed for a slightly shorter lady than myself (5’7”), so keep that in mind!  While I love love love pockets, I decided to forego them here, having learned a lesson in bunching from the first try, and I think it was a wise decision because this tunic kept its swingy shape perfectly.

Overall, the pattern is one of the easier ones – a perfect first project.  It’s simple, minimal, and will likely be a casual wardrobe staple.  Would I make another? Probably so, since I found a beautiful 1970s ikat chambray for $1.00.

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