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Thrifting Tip: Vintage FabricsMar 23 2016

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  Life has a way of, well, getting in the way.  That, and becoming obsessed with a new hobby: sewing.  More to come on my latest creations, but I wanted to share with you all one of my best sewing-related tips, and that is buying vintage fabrics at thrift stores.

I am lucky enough to live walking distance from the best fabric store I’ve ever seen, Fancy Tiger.  And while I do indulge myself and buy awesome prints when I have a specific project in mind, the majority of my fabric comes from thrifting, and particularly on those half-off Saturdays.

Why thrift fabric?  I’ll tell you:

1.  It’s cheap.  Like, 4 yards for $2 cheap.  When fabric generally costs $10+ a yard (wools can even top$40-80 a yard), there really is no comparison.

2.  You don’t care if you mess up on it.  Sewing is hit or miss for me, anyway.  I don’t care so much if something doesn’t turn out right because it cost me next to nothing.

3.  You find high quality vintage.  I cannot tell you how often I find really beautiful fabrics, psychedelic prints, suiting wools, ethnic wovens, etc., just tucked away in the home goods section.  This is your chance to work with amazing fabrics that just don’t exist in modern fabric stores.

Some of my favorite thrifted sewing projects so far: upcycling a frumpy vintage Pendleton skirt into a tote bag, turning a vintage table cloth into Fancy Tiger’s Fen top, and even messing around with my own creations and some groovy 1960s florals.

More tips and projects to come!  Follow us on Instagram, and shop our vintage finds here!