Thrifting Coups

Holiday DressingDec 26 2015

Honestly, holiday dressing is pretty easy.  Pick red or green.  Add some sparkly.  Done.

Extra points, I suppose, if you have a grumpy Persian cat to squeeze.


The Holiday BusiesDec 17 2015

The holidays are always a busy and stressful time.  Lately I've been spending most of my time running back and forth to the post office, otherwise I am dealing with crazies at work who just - ahem! - forgot to file those contracts until 12 seconds before they needed them. Thanks a lot guys, I just love drafting contracts with VPs breathing down my neck!  

Anyway: quick outfit shot, it's all I have time for really, and basically I've just been living in this.

Hat: vintage (thrifted)
Flannel: vintage 1960s (thrifted)
Vest: vintage 1960s LL Bean (from this lovely Etsy shop)
Jeans: Comptoir des Cotonniers (thrifted)
Snow Boots: Sorel (not so much with the thrifted)


My Denver UniformNov 23 2015

It really does help to have a "uniform" not out of laziness but because the equation works.  Think: Kate Moss, Emmanuelle Alt.  Those ladies have it down.  So in the the Denver winter, I have my own uniform (at least when I decide to go outdoors).  My equation: start with skinny jeans, add a button down (half tucked of course), add a giant scarf, top with a classic coat and finish it off with ankle boots.  You really can't go wrong.  My indoor uniform?  No one needs to see that.


Modern ProfessorNov 17 2015

Today I went for a 1970s professor look.  Nothing says professor more than a vintage shabby tweed blazer with elbow patches and suede/canvas Oxfords.  All that's missing is a tobacco pipe and pretentiousness.  Okay, maybe just the pipe is missing.


30-Something DegreesNov 06 2015

Oh hey, California girl here.  First Colorado winter!  Was so happy to finally wear coats and boots, having approximately two or three occasions to do so in the past 31 years, I almost didn't even mind that it was 37 degrees, down from 75 degrees the previous day.  Talk to me again in a couple of months and see if I still have the same enthusiasm.  Oh well, I LOVE LAYERS!