Thrifting Coups

Backcountry HikingOct 04 2015

I bought them for fashion, but these Frye hiking boots are actually functional.  They have tire tread on them.  So there!  You can be fashionable and hike.  Fact: proven.  Wearing a variety of thrifted and vintage wares, many of which are for sale in the Etsy shop.


I Dig LoveOct 01 2015

How's this for the best trade ever?  For me, at least - not really sure what Jon was thinking but thanks a bunch buddy!  One 1988 Oakland A's t-shirt for one 1970s George Harrison concert t-shirt.  S-C-O-R-E.  Paired with the ubiquitous Alexa Chung for AG Kety skirt and some really old, beat-up Frye boots.  Glorious.