Thrifting Coups

In Defense of an All Vintage OutfitDec 21 2015

Wearing all vintage doesn't mean you have to look like you're wearing a costume.  Normally I would suggest mixing vintage in with modern pieces, but every now and then you can put a whole bunch of vintage pieces from various eras and still look modern.



The Holiday BusiesDec 17 2015

The holidays are always a busy and stressful time.  Lately I've been spending most of my time running back and forth to the post office, otherwise I am dealing with crazies at work who just - ahem! - forgot to file those contracts until 12 seconds before they needed them. Thanks a lot guys, I just love drafting contracts with VPs breathing down my neck!  

Anyway: quick outfit shot, it's all I have time for really, and basically I've just been living in this.

Hat: vintage (thrifted)
Flannel: vintage 1960s (thrifted)
Vest: vintage 1960s LL Bean (from this lovely Etsy shop)
Jeans: Comptoir des Cotonniers (thrifted)
Snow Boots: Sorel (not so much with the thrifted)


Seattle ThriftsgivingDec 01 2015

Anytime I go anywhere, I take the opportunity to thrift if I can.  This time, visiting family in Seattle for Thanksgiving, I hit a few city thrift stores as well as rural, and came away with quite the thrift haul.  Thankfully we flew Southwest, so checking a bag back to Denver full of thrifted treasures didn't cost a cent.

Where is the best thrifting in Seattle, you ask?  Read on to see our thrift finds!


My Denver UniformNov 23 2015

It really does help to have a "uniform" not out of laziness but because the equation works.  Think: Kate Moss, Emmanuelle Alt.  Those ladies have it down.  So in the the Denver winter, I have my own uniform (at least when I decide to go outdoors).  My equation: start with skinny jeans, add a button down (half tucked of course), add a giant scarf, top with a classic coat and finish it off with ankle boots.  You really can't go wrong.  My indoor uniform?  No one needs to see that.


Modern ProfessorNov 17 2015

Today I went for a 1970s professor look.  Nothing says professor more than a vintage shabby tweed blazer with elbow patches and suede/canvas Oxfords.  All that's missing is a tobacco pipe and pretentiousness.  Okay, maybe just the pipe is missing.