Thrifting Coups

Magic MushroomsOct 19 2015

Some quick shots from a couple months ago when we went down to the family cabin.  Psychedelic mushroom (shirt) entirely appropriate for the occasion, clearly.   I look very mountain-y.  And you can too!  Many of these items for sale in the Etsy shop, not so much the Jeep though.


The French ToddlerOct 13 2015

I call this one the "French Toddler," for obvious reasons.  What on Earth possesses a 30-something year-old to wear overalls?  Besides the obvious reason of liking to be as difficult/annoying as possible to use the restroom?  Fashion and comfort, which rarely intersect.  So when they do, you pounce on it.  After this shot was taken, I believe I ate my bodyweight in eggs and bacon.  Yet I was still comfortable afterward.  You see?

(By the way, I'm selling these babies here,)


Bright Yellow in the Hungarian Freedom ParkOct 08 2015

Remember like two seconds ago when it was still warm out?  Took the dogface out to his favorite park in Denver, the Hungarian Freedom Park, where he is continually disappointed there is no water in the fountain, and I wore a bright yellow 1960s shift dress and the most awesome vintage Jean Paul Gaultier denim jacket you could possibly imagine.  I wish I had something profound to say about the Hungarian Revolution.


Thrifting Tip: How to Buy Vintage JeansOct 04 2015

Mom jeans are in, skinny jeans are out.  And that is not a joke.  I, for one, am happy about this.  For years we have been squeezing into skinnies, and paradoxically, these part-spandex jeans actually lose their shape after so many washes. Well, no more!  Vintage, 100% cotton jeans from the 1970s-1990s keep their shape, are forgiving, and best of all - you can find them at your local thrift store for $5.


Striped + ZippedOct 04 2015

I look real happy here, sure.  But this was mere moments prior to the realization that someone had locked us into the West Wash Park Community Garden for no other reason than to watch me try to scale a fence wearing a pencil skirt (I suspect).  You'll be happy to know that it can be done, but it is not graceful.